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  • The program has been established on 2008 in general surgery department of Rashid and Dubai Hospitals.

  • The total duration of the program is 5 years. during this period , the resident would do different rotations in different hospitals under the DHA. Those hospitals are:  

    • Rashid Hospital

    • Dubai Hospital

    • Latifa Hospital​​​

Program Curriculum 

Program Curriculum

Annual Assessment and Board Exam  

Annual Assessment
  • Residents Continuous Evaluations 

    • Residents have different types of evaluation ​

      • End of Rotation / Yearly evaluation ​

      • Monthly Interdepartmental Evaluation for General Surgery Department 

        • Evaluation Form Here

      • Jot form ​

        • Electronic platform Help in evaluating the resident by direct supervisor from surgical skills prospective ​

  • Exams  

  • Arab board General surgery Exam

  • End of year exam

    • Done in the DHA as promotion exam



  • General Surgery Program Director

    • Dr. Yousif Hussein Hag El Tayeb ( Consultant , RH GS)

  • General Surgery Program Co- director

    • Dr. Mahra Al Suwaidi ( Specialist , RH GS)

    • Secretory: Shameena Ashik


    • Ext: 042198627

    • Dr. Maryam Essa ( Specialist, DH GS)

    • Secretory: Jyothi Mary George


    • Ext: 042196175

  • Medical Education and Research department (MERD) 

  • Research Department

  • Rotations

  • Orthopedics and trauma

  • Emergency

  • Intensive care unit

  •  Anesthesia

  • Vascular surgery

    • Dr. Deena AlQedrah

    • Dr. Masoud Shafiei

    • Secretory: Marygrace Dalao


    • Ext: 042198661

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Neurosurgery

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery

  •  Pediatric Surgery

    • Dr. Mamoun Al Marzouqi

    • Secretory: Naseem Akhter


    • Ext: 042193545

  • Urology

Supervision Program

Supervision Program 

  • The role of the clinical supervisor is to train, guide, observe and assess the educational activities of the trainees (residents) in cooperation with the trainers in a weekly basis.

  • General Surgery Clinical Supervisors 

    • Dr Juanita Bonilla

    • Dr Osama Al Zoabi

    • Dr Amir Saber

    • Dr Mouhannad Ghannam

    • Dr Rufaida Satti

    • Dr Hadiel Kaiyasah 

    • Dr Ali Salem

    • Dr Nisreen Al Abed

Resident Milestones  

  • Residents have specific goals that need to be achieved based on their level. Below schedule is showing different categories such as Skills , theory prospective , Courses need to be covered and further milestones. 

Resident Milestones
Resident Milestones

Surgical Logbook

  • Example of Surgical Logbook, delineating minimum requirement of key surgeries a trainee has to complete/perfect the years of training 

Surgical Logbook
Surgical Logbook
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