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FIOF 27-11.png
FIOF 27-11 2.png

A 2-day-old girl (weight, 3.7 kg) developed abdominal distention and vomiting after feeding. The infant’s postnatal course was remarkable for a febrile episode that was presumed to be due to chorioamnionitis in the mother and for which antibiotic treatment was initiated. The infant was active and well perfused, with a soft but distended abdomen and right-sided labial swelling. Findings from the remainder of her examination were unremarkable. Abdominal Xray findings were as follows with 6 days of contrast retention in the terminal ileum. She underwent exploratory laparotomy on the eighth day of life and result is shown in the image below. What is your diagnosis?


A. Cecal duplication

B. Infantile leiomyosarcoma

C. Small-bowel volvulus

D. Ovarian cyst with torsion

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